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Date: Thursday 9th June

The website maybe be unavailable during this maintenance.

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**NEW** Search Bar

Our latest addition to the website is the Search Bar.

The search bar is located at the top of the page above the navigation buttons. Although the search bar states 'Google' this is only because it's a service provide by Google. The search bar will specifically search our website (although Google do add one or two adverts in occasionally). 

When using the search bar, your results will be displayed below the search bar and when you click on the links they will open in a new window - this means you will not need to repeat the search if the first link clicked is not what you were looking for.

Tips: Once you have clicked search you will see the results, you may notice above the results it says 'Web | Images', if you're looking for photos click the 'Images' link and any photos that match your search results will be displayed.

Kind Regards,

The Development Team

Created:     21-05-2013 at 20:41:06
Modified:  12-06-2013 at 6:33:46

Web Page Suggestions

Our website is currently under constant development, if during your browsing experience you feel you have seen something that would be worth changing or perhaps something that is not on the site yet, please let us know by using the contact form on our contact page.

We will review all suggestions and feedback to improve this page.

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Contact Page Available

The website contact page is now live and kicking.

Contact Page

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Website Maintenance - Ongoing

This website is currently under development, any errors received during your visit are likely to be due to ongoing maintenance. We apologise for any disruption to this service. 

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